Twitter can help grow your business network.  As a social media platform (along with LinkedIn) Twitter is the ideal place to reach a B2B audience. It allows you the chance to chance to attract prospects, interact and engage with clients, increase brand awareness, better understand their audience and much more.

Engage and Interact

Followers are incredibly valuable to your business.  When someone follows your organisation on Twitter, they not only see your Tweets, but they’re also likely to become an advocate and customer. Followers feel more positive about businesses they follow, Tweet about them, Retweet their Tweets, and buy from them.  Twitter allows you to participate in conversations with your followers on a one to one or one to many bases.  Where possible personalise your messages to reach people on an individual level.

Engage and Interact

Showcase your personality and make interactions human.  Whether the voice you choose to use on social is intimate, exclusive, funny, sophisticated or even effortless, knowing your audiences is key.

People want to know what you’re up to, but they tend to be more engaged if there’s a visual piece attached to whatever it is you’re sending out.  So make use of photos, graphics, videos and gifs. Video is particularly effective at increasing engagement.  Polls and competitions also help to boost engagement.

You can use Twitter Analytics as well as social media referral traffic data in Google Analytics to get a better understanding of what your audience finds most interesting about your business. Using Twitter Analytics, you’ll be able to determine the best days and times to tweet, the types of content your audience likes to share, and analyze your followers based on geography, language, etc.


Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty

By consistently offering valuable information to users on Twitter, you can build a strong brand reputation that increases both the size and effectiveness of your audience. Sharing great content will, not only boost brand awareness, but it will also increase the loyalty of existing followers and current customers. The goal here is to help B2B customers develop a stronger relationship with your company and even start relying on you as an essential resource for information.  Answer customer questions and problems and create content that helps them.

Showcase your expertise and show thought leadership in your field, share insights on the latest industry developments and engage the latest industry conversation.

Promote your services

Twitter enables B2B marketers to get in front of the right people, at the right time. As mentioned above, there are plenty of people looking for information on social media, and you should aim to drive them towards your product(s) and service(s). Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between promoting your brand in relevant ways and being spammy or annoying to potential customers. Only about 20% of your social media content should be promotional.

Drive social media referral traffic back to your website and blog by linking to the URL in your Twitter bio and sharing other relevant pages and articles in engaging tweets. Use relevant hashtags to help spread interesting, useful and practical information across your community and beyond.

Twitter also provides some indirect benefits to your overall SEO performance. By sharing and distributing content, B2B marketers help boost visibility, support link acquisition and gain exposure in search results.


If you'd like more help getting started with Twitter or growing your presence get in touch with EBN member Rebecca from Purple Dog