I opened the Adams & Co office to manage the Hampshire territory 12 years ago and recently took responsibility for Surrey.

Building the portfolio of businesses for sale in Surrey is my first objective. I decided to focus on hair and beauty salons. With 720 salons in salons in Surrey, I decided the best approach was to write to the owners asking if they were thinking of selling their salons. I spoke to EBN member Kitty Galpin from The Design & Print Studio explaining what I wanted and here is the finished product, a full-colour A5 postcard.

Flyer example (front and back) fir Adams and Co (EBN)

When I explained I would be ordering the address information from a marketing company, Kitty suggested they email the addresses direct to her studio so they could run a mail merge and print the names and addresses onto the card when they printed it. I was also offered the studio’s pre-paid Royal Mail postage impression, saving me time pushing them through a franking machine as well as postage costs.

I had no idea the Print & Design Studio offered such a full service. Using them has not only reduced the cost but also saved me a lot of time by reducing the number of agencies involved in completing this task.